India's luxury Public washroom smartly planned for child, female and disabled friendly beings with smart architecture design. Loocafe is equipped with first in class Bio washrooms, feminine hygiene bins, smart cooling system and packaged with Bio degradable products & will be managed by Ixora FM team. Ixora Team has made luxury possible in just 170sft with three washrooms, ATM & Smart Cafe.

  • GHMC loocafe, India's first luxury Public Washroom, Smartly designed to maximise space, with next generation technology enabling hygiene monitors to Trade Marked Security tools managed by a professional team of facility management Ixora FM.
  • These smart capsule units are feature packed, catering to Feminine hygiene, Disabled needs, ATM & Smart Cafe all in just 170sft powered by next generation technology and crafted by Eco friendly material.
  • Our First In Class list is endless , making these smart washroom capsules unique Bio Washrooms
  • Air Cooling systems with In-build, large area fragrance and Insect repellent. Solar Equipped, Sanitary Napkin, Dispenser & Feminine Hygiene Bins.
  • First In Class live podcast, a dedicated radio channel, on hygiene and swachh Telangana.
  • Facial Recognition unique software with cyber security and 24/7 surveillance with real time CCTV footage.
  • Smart cafe a free WIFI zone and menu planned sub Rs.30

An Initiative by govt of Telangana, GHMC & Ixora FM towards upscaling sanitary hygiene for citizen with special needs, women and computer

Disabled Friendly

Bio Washroom

Charging Station

Feminine Hygiene

Diaper Station

First Aid

Healthy Food



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